AWARE Network

Assistance & Referral

When students are in distress, early intervention can make a big difference in outcomes. Thank you for sharing information that will allow us to connect students with the resources they need.

FERPA: If you have a concern about a student's safety and well being, sharing that concern with another educational official at WSU who might be able to help is NOT a violation of FERPA.

What Happens Now?

The AWARE Network team will review the information and determine next steps. Someone from the team may call you for more information, or to follow up with you. We may work with you to help you resolve the situation yourself, or step in with referrals or other actions.The Student Care Team may also review the situation, if necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Dean of Students’ Office at 509-335-5757.


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Early identification of potentially harmful behavior is one way in which WSU can help students avert crisis.

Sometimes, students just need to know someone cares. . .

Faculty Handbook for responding to disruptive students.